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"Shuffle" please. Not Random

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could you please add a shuffle feature? everybody imlements "shuffle" but it's really a poorly implemented "random" feature.

Here's my issue. I have 288 songs on my phone. I only ever get to hear the same 50 because everybodys player only cycles through the same damn 50 songs.

To shuffle:

build a list. sort it randomly. play it serially. when you hit the end of the list, stop. this way I'll be guarenteed to not hear the same song more than once.

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This function is already in Poweramp, but a little bit hidden.

- Choose a folder with music files by press & hold on it,

- Choose "Add to playlist",

- Go to library > Playlists,

- Choose your new playlist (press & hold),

- Choose "sort by" or similar,

- Choose ("random" or something like that) and "sort again"

Names can be different because I use polish translation.

It could be implemented in better way (more visible) but this is not a most important feature to add/change for me.

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Poweramp always shuffles (Starting from v1.0), never picks random songs one by one. Though, until v.2.0, if you close Poweramp or somehow else reload Poweramp or playlists, shuffle history is lost (it's in memory only).

Poweramp starting from v2.0 uses "permanent shuffle sessions". This means, when you start new shuffle session (i.e. change Shuffle mode or start new playlist in shuffle mode, or start new song from some playlist in shuffle mode), Poweramp will:

1. shuffle list properly, as previously. Basically list items are randomly reordered and kept this way.

2. store all played songs in "history"

3. if Poweramp restarted, phone restarted, etc, Poweramp will resume shuffle session exactly where it left it - and continue to play the shuffled songs which weren't played yet. Played songs won't be picked up and played again.


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No player that I know has this feature yet, but it would be very cool if the player would allow you to start a shuffle set and suspend it while playing another song temporarily - either by allowing you to to save the state of the shuffle or by just including a manually selected song as part of the ongoing shuffle, or both.

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