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how to encode HE-AAC v2 files with the 'correct' gapless info?


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Hi guys!

I really love Poweramp, even its trial version (gonna buy it later). But one thing keeps me frustrated in using this powerful app.

I really can't figure out how to encode HE-AAC v2 files with gapless info that Poweramp can read. My he-aac v2 files are encoded from Winamp (which uses fraunhofer official decoder, which is also used by Nero) compressed with 32 kbps m4a container. I even tried encoding my music on iTunes (with the same settings, bitrate), but with no luck. I also thought that Poweramp uses iTunes "atom" tags to read gapless info on these formats.

Can anyone please elaborate what encoder should be used, or how to add correct gapless info on HE-AAC v2 files so that Poweramp can play them gaplessly?

Please save my life. I'm so frustrated. Thank you.

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