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Same song on different albums and shuffle issue


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I'm new to Power Amp (been using it 2 days now) and I created a playlist off all songs I have. Playing it back in shuffle mode gives me the odd result of playing the same song off different albums one after another. Two studio versions and two live versions, for example, will wind up playing back all four consecutively.

Should I be doing something different to avoid that? Or is there a setting I haven't found?

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Not sure what happened really. I closed the app a couple times, restarted and it finally sorted itself out.

I can't recall what shuffle mode I was in before. However, I believe i went through all songs, play, and hit the shuffle button on the screen. Did the same thing all 3-4 times. I don't know what it was unless i was mis-hitting the button or something.

All is very well now :)

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