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Album Listing: add index number in front of track title


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Using Poweramp 2.06.508 on Galaxy Nexus, Standard Goggle Rom JB 4.11

Question: is it possible to prefix each track title with the ordinal index position? For example, the 25th track in the album will be displayed as "25. My Cool TrackName"

Speaking of album listing, I would like to know if the following behavior is intentional. Currently the album listing display each track as a two lines info:

Line1: Track Title - Duration

Line2: Artist - Album Name

When reviewing the content of the album, the name of the album is permanently displayed on the top of the screen. It is rather redundant to repeat the album name at every track. May be this layout is designed for other type of listing / playlist where Album info is useful. But for an album listing, this info is rather redundant.

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