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Way to set the android "back" button to return to previous library list?

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I'm trying to discover a feature that I would assume is part of the program, but I cannot find it.

If I navigate to a song in the library as follows:



Almost There

I Can Only Imagine

Then is there a way to set up the phones back button to return to Library/Albums/Almost There?

I also get irritated that when I hit the Folders/Lib shortcut from the player UI it returns me to the root of Folders/Library instead of the most recent location. Is there a way to change this as well?

If it is important, I'm using a Samsung Galaxy S3.

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The best, and currently only, way to do this would be to instead press the song's information. So Click on the "I can only imagine name", above the seek bar, from the player view rather than the folder icon and it'll take you back to the album.

Hope that helps

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