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Various Artists in Library->Artist


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let me first explain, what problem there is to fix: my mobile music collection consists primarily of full albums but I have rather large folder with selected singles tracks.

Naturally Poweramp doens't distinguish between the two and puts all of them in the Library. Each single track with its own entry in the artist and album lists!

Say you 50 albums and 400 single songs, then both of the Lists will be cluttered with only 1- or 2-track artists you would never look for in this list. Me and I guess most of you would use the search function instead.

Therefore the library view is pretty unusable for me!

It would be nice to have a way to hide those singles in these lists. I see at least two possibilites.

The quick and easy to implement one: I manually set the "album artist" of all my single tracks to "Various Artists". If the tag is present, Poweramp uses it in the artist list instead of the artist tag. The main play view shouldn't be affected by this, I still want to see the real artist there. Getting rid of the album tag (myself) is enough to fix the album list.

A much more convenient and less dirty way: add some kind of "number of track"-threshhold option in the preferences. Set it to 3 and only artists with more than 2 tracks will show up in the artist list.


Thanks for an otherwise awesome software

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I like the first option and I actually retagged all of my mp3s last night with the "album artist" as various.

Even if the library list just had the option of view by "album artist". I thought "albums by artist" which is already in Poweramp would do that but I was mistaken.

EDIT: I've went into Albums in my library and then sort by artist, that's good enough for me!

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