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Customize buttons in notification tray

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In a recent update, an X button to close the player was added in the notification tray line, and to me it's useless.

Currently there is an option to enable or disable the prev track button, but I don't think that's enough.

It would be better to have a full options screen where we can choose which buttons to show.

On a related note, in my opinion the buttons are too small. They can be made wider (and take up more space from the song text).

Maybe make the button width a part of the customization dialog?

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For buttons being too small, you mean the notification bar or the player?

And the button was added there so that when you pause your music, Poweramp tray can still stay there until you want to resume. People requested that, so we had to add it that way.

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1. I meant the buttons in the notification.

2. It can still be made a configurable option ('keep Poweramp in tray on pause') along with selecting which buttons appear

3. you reminded me of a nitpick I have about buttons in the main player window too. In landscape mode, the fwd/back buttons are both located on the right, one above the other. I think back should be at the left of the screen, and fwd at the right. It's a bit confusing the way it is now. There is much more space in landscape mode, why use less of it for buttons?

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