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Lockscreen wipe please

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this is the most wonderful player ever! Best Player on any smartphone, any OS and I had them all....IOS...Android....WM7......


I have a mytouch 4g, my lockscreen is swipe down. The P-AMP is tap only.

Is there anyway to integrate this, like the stock android player?

I catch myself trying to swipe, because that's what I normally do, but then I need to tap.

This goes also vice versa, because then I tap, when I have to swipe.


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Thanks for the request.

There is no way to integrate anything into other apps, including stock lock screen app. That would be huge security hole in android.

You may want to try full-featured lock screen replacements, like Widget Locker where you can heavily customize the appearance and feel of the lock screen, and put

the PowerAMP widget on it. PowerAMP will never be even close to that, as it's a music player ;) I will probably do the swipe/drag option for unlocking, but it will be different from stock lock screens (there are many of them, actually, all have different unlocking approach).

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Appearance doesn't matter, just a swipe unlock would be wonderful.

Also maybe an on screen button to go to the folders/library without hitting the menu button on the phone and then selecting the folders? Like a quick folder shortcut on screen?

And finally, my files/tracks are not in order.

What am I doing wrong?

I use itunes, sync with tune sync.

In the library they are in the right order as they are on the album/CD, but under folders they are all mixed up, or do I have to go always through library?

Thanks for the reply and I wanna thank you again for this player, it is truly the best.

This player is well worth the money!

It makes the music sound better in my car and through my headphones.

Incredible! Love it, absolutely love it!

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You can go to current playing list from main screen by pressing the mini-display with title/album/artist etc info.

Files and track order is controlled by PowerAMP settings => Sorting options. The files (in Folders) and songs (in Library) are sorting according to these settings.


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