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Ignore "A" and "The" when sorting songs alphabetically and put numbers at the bottom.

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I recently switched to Android from Apple and one of the things I missed was the great music player Apple had. Thankfully Poweramp has provided another great way to listen to my music. I'm trying to customize it just like (or better) than Apple's player and one of the things I wish we can tweak is more sorting options for the "All Songs" list.

Specifically it would be better if the words "A" and "The" can be skipped when sorting songs by alphabetical order. I think that's important because I find it easier to remember a song without the common "A" or "The" in front.

Also can you please add an option to put numbered songs after "Z" on the list at the bottom. This is mostly a preference after being used to Apple, but it would be appreciated if I didn't have to adjust myself and just adjust my songs ahah

Thanks! :)

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Personally, I like iTunes way of handling this, you introduce an "Artist Sort Field", which it automatically populates with "Beatles, The" for example. Also when you want to sort by an artist's last name you can specify "Lennon, John" for example. It give the user the flexibility to sort how they like. Also I think numbers should come first by default, numbers last is just a case of Apple doing their own thing for no good reason.

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My suggestion is: Let the user set what must to be out of alphabetical classification, because more than THE, A and AN there are a lot of articles in other languages like Portuguese, Spanish and Italian.

Anyway, if it's impossible, the list of Articles should include:



"THE" Beatles, Killers, Kooks, Police...

"LA" Vela Puerca, Quinta EstaciĆ³n...

"LOS" Lobos, Piojos...


"OS" Paralamas do Sucesso




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