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Hi, I've been using Poweramp for a while. It's excellent.

However I can't seem to work out exactly what I need to do with compilations to get them to work correctly. Ideally I'd like Poweramp to still see the artist for each track, but also to read the album artist field or something similar and use that for sorting the album and listing it in the overview.

Is this possible?

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This is much needed. I have lots of albums that have 1 artist per track (or 2 or 3 songs per artist on a 20-track album) and I have these type of albums organized with "album artists" tag so they are grouped together. Having to browse through the tag "artists" as it is now is a big pain.

"Album artist" should work just like "artist" does now, list album artists and their albums.

I just came to Poweramp after ~1 year of using my Rockbox'd Sansa (mp3 player) for music... that I got it bricked today (so it's more like a forced comeback). Glad to see it's much more nicer and usable than before (I've purschased Full ver. back then). Another thing missing is the crossfade "fade in" duration. Currently, crossfade fades out the current track and fades in the next track. It would be nice to have a length setting for both the fade out of the current track and the fade in of the following track (I usually like it with fade out but the next track to start at full volume, no fade in, so I'd set it at 0 ms).

Rockbox has a more "complicated" crossfade with delays too, which I find the "ideal" implementation (this is how it works). That allows for any crossfading preference :3

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Oh well that's handy. I've just stuck the alpha on, and the stuff on the phone is showing all as "Unknown artist". 

Does that mean that the field is now required and artist is ignored for albums, and only used for tracks?

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If you use Album Artist view, then yes it expects there to be an Album Artist field in your songs (as that's what you have asked for).

Some people have requested that the Album Artist view should have a fall-back option which would use the regular Artist field if the song does not contain an Album Artist tag, but I don't know if/when that might be implemented. At the moment, it does exactly what it says on the tin.


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That's great. It's exactly what I'm after. I've gone through and tagged everything with an Album Artist field so when I do convert the flacs to ogg vorbis and move them on hopefully it'll work.... I think I might test first just in case!

Edit : So I went back in to test and it seems Poweramp has re-read the tags on my stuff and already knew who the album artist/artist was and it was already working right. I did add another album which had the album artist and some of the tracks with different artists on it and it worked exactly as I hoped it would.

Edit : And that visualisation! WOO!

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