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hi. just registered here to ask a few questions


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I'm currently using your trial version and this is the best music player in the market (far better than any other music players such as mixzing which should be your competitor...) and I am this close to purchase the pro version except there are some issues that need some feedback..

I purposefully registered here to ask you two specific questions because depending on the answer, I may decide to purchase this player this very instance.

Q1. I am concerned about what might happen to the paid apps when I reformat the phone and reinstall all my apps. This would be the first and the only app. that I would ever buy for my phone as I want to use it as a substitute for my mp3(no room for any other activities!) Please explain the procedure that takes place when reinstalling of the pro version ever becomes necessary. Would I need to purchase it again?

Q2. I feel awfully nervous about using credit card on my phone as I have very little or no knowledge about the mechanism of such function on the phone and there is no telling how my personal information can leak out during the transaction. I mean, when I use my computer to pay for online purchase, there is a usb to plug in and there are other extra preventive measures that I can count on to protect my personal information. Maybe I shouldn't be asking this here but seriously, this is a big deal for me and I keep pressing back button on my phone every time I feel like purchasing this app. because I cannot confirm this.

Lastly, I was curious whether you are interested in releasing this app. in different languages. Your app. is getting positive feed backs here in South Korea, which is where I come from, and a lot of them are wondering whether this app. could be available in Korean. I don't know if you have a lot of South Korean customers purchasing your item, but it's just a thought. South Korea is a big market with lots of android phone users and if you koreanize this app. it would definitely attract more customers. Maybe the procedure is not as simple..but its just an idea...

anyways, for now, I really need answers for those two questions....

Thank you and keep up the good work with your app. I really look forward to its progress.

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Thanks for the feedback.

1. You can re-install PowerAMP Full Version unlocker any time for free as long as you use the google account

you bought it with. This means you can do complete phone reset or even change the phone to new one - Unlocker will be marked as "Purchased" for you

in Android Market. (This won't be the case for Alternative payment method Unlocker - it will allow only limited number of auto-activations, more will require email to the dev).

2. The Android Market card processing is Google authority - devs have no access to that except some stats are shown for them. You can also wait for alternative methods which are coming soon for PowerAMP - you'll be able to purchase via paypal or via computer, not on mobile phone.

3. GUI internationalization is planned for some of the next versions, Korean included, but I can't say at this time when exactly it will happen.

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