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No background colours for album art

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I've got all the free skins and none of them totally hide the background colours.

Closest I can get on my Galaxy S3 got is to use the black noir theme, this takes care of the bottom part of the screen with the player controls.

I have "menus" set to the top 3 options. For "player ui" I have auto hide panels & show track counter on. Equ/tone is greyed out due to the setting in "menus". Repeat/Shuffle icons & Rating are set to hidden. This keeps the album art clean of icons and makes the height of the player controls a bit bigger.

Setting Album Art Zoom to 1.08x fits it to the width of my screen.

This leaves a small bit of the background colour showing above and below the album art. Not bad.

This is all in portrait btw, holding the phone landscape totally changes all of this.

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I have to say that I really like the color change in the background and even I would like it to be all around the screen. I mean for me the request would be the opposite.

So, its better to have a switch to turn on or off the glow.

I like it a lot and I think its one of the most important difference of the UI of the app.



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I have tried all the defailt themes and two paid ones, all have this background and I would like the option to turn it off.

You can remove it from the sides of the album art by zooming a little, you can remove it from the top and bottom by zooming a lot but then you crop off the sides of the cover, not a good option.

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