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Please add Power AMP to audio speed, tempo, and pitch change

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I need a gapless player with tempo change options. Bought Power Amp Pro and wandered along between players since. Just noticed Power Amp play .wav gapless and it's back on top of my top list. I like Power Amp and gapless + tempo change would remove any competition for me :-D

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The only reason I'm using Poweramp is because the Rockbox android port is in very early alpha
One of the features I actually enjoy in Rockbox is the semitone shift function, which allows you to shift a song by a tenth of a semitone up or down (two semitones up being ~12.246% shift in sample rate, thereby shifting the key up from, say, F to G, and two down being minus ~10.910%)
Messing with this feature made Time In A Bottle (from X-Men: Days of Future Past) sound amazing when downshifted two semitones (from A to G#), and Blue Stahli's voice sound amazing when upshifted two semitones (from A# up to C of the next octave)

It's also extremely helpful for guitar or piano if you want a quick fake preview of what a song would sound like with a key shift.

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Bump. it is very useful to have the option to adjust the tempo and pitch individually. Especially for some genre of music like EDM. And also, need a function to see the BPM of the song in order to use the tempo and pitch function effectively. Adding this feature will increase the value of the app.

Something like this; (taken from JRriver media Centre on PC)


my stock samsung music app has the option to adjust the tempo, but the increments are too large (steps of 10% only).

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