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Poweramp should use the Android "Force Stop" as an Exit option


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Max has explained many times on this forum and elsewhere that when a user presses 'Back' button to exit the player application, that PA will automatically unload it's running processes from Android after some brief time.

However, with the recent 2.06 beta I have found this "automatic" unloading not to be the case, as the notification bar still displayed my last played item even hours after I had stopped using Poweramp and went to sleep.

I tried to Kill Poweramp in the Advanced Task Killer android app but this did work, so in Advanced Task Killer I managed to do a "Force Stop" of Poweramp and this better put my mind at rest with no more notification bar display of Poweramp icon or anything.

So I think that Poweramp should get a "Force Stop" action as a confirmation choice option when pressing 'Back' button to exit Poweramp....

In fact when I exit some Android apps with 'back' button, such as Es File Explorer, I am kindly shown a confirmation message letting me know that pressing 'back' once more time will exit the app and this is what is needed for Poweramp users too.

Please consider

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