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TTS on track/album change


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I have 4000+ tracks and add to them/change them frequently.

Would be great if there was an option to read out the artist (or some other artist/album/track combination) when the track changes using the standard Android Text To Speech (TTS) engine.

When I'm in the car (and don't want to look at the small notification bar) it would answer the "So who's that" question when I have shuffle selected for my whole music collection. In my case I just want just the artist announced when the artist changes :-)

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Well, I tried a separate app that reads notification bar messages from selected apps, and it works for the most part. Problems with it are not Poweramp feature related as far as I can see

- Can't control its volume output compared with Poweramp music output levels (it uses the standard TTS engine as do apps like Google Navigate, but the app's speech is too loud)

- Can't control the content of what's said (it reads out the full message Poweramp displays every time Poweramp plays a new track and raises a notification)

But with Poweramp set to cross fade between tracks, the app nicely plays the details of the next track in effect overlaying the cross fade (like a disk jockey). Albeit every time, too verbosely and too loudly (in my case)

The app, for what it's worth, was this one https://play.google....t51.voicenotify

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