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Customize folder view

Timmy Fox

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I'd like to be able to customize the whole folder view..

I personally sort all my music in different folders, first a main folder for each artist, than subfolders for album and then the tracks inside each subfolder... with the current behaviour, I've been having to re-name all my subfolders to "Artist - Album" to get all albums by the same artist next to each other in the folder view...

My suggestion is to make it possible to freely re-arrange the order which folders are shown in, and possibly re-name and create new folders only shown within the player, possibly similar to how the folder playlists work, but with more customization as I just explained.. or add this functionality to the folder playlists perhaps?

Also.. the ability to select how the folder view is organized from different presets is also a suggestion, these could be:

- Show all folders in (e.g) /sdcard/music/ (This would display all folders in selected folder on the SD-card, with sub-folders in them.. useful if your like me and sort all your music in separate folders for each artist and sub-folders for each album.. navigating would be like this: In folder view, you'll see a list of main folders in the said music folder on the SD-card, rather than only folders containing music files, when you than select a artist )

- Show all folders containing music files (current behaviour pretty much)

Can't think of any more at the moment... but I've gotten another suggestion too... In the folder view: when you touch the thing on top saying "Showing X folder___Select all items" right now, you can add all to playlist or delete all.. but a 3rd option could be "Display all" which will bring up one big list of all your music in the Poweramp library (in a alphabetical order of course).. this is usefull if you want to display all your music in one list but have disabled the system scanner from scanning your music folders in the advanced folder options... also, when you press menu in the folder view, there is a empty space next to the "Shuffle all" option, why not add a "play all" option which would have the same effect, except for that it will not enable the shuffeling so that all songs plays in order...

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Thanks for the request.

For the folders, optional (via settings) Hierarchy view will be added.

I'm also thinking about adding the whole folders (as one item/entity) to the folder playlists, instead of songs from it.

This way it will be possible to rearrange order, etc. Though, this is not settled yet.

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