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Hide Extra Shuffle Options?

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I like to jump in and out of Normal Play (No Shuffle) and “Shuffle All”. Cycling through all the shuffle options or holding down the key and then selecting the correct shuffle option is an inconvenience.

Are there any settings or skins I can use that allow me to hide the extra shuffle options I don’t want? Is there any way for me to simply have a “Shuffle”/“No Shuffle” toggle?

Thank you for your help!

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I second this. It'd be nice to be able set the shuffle key to two options (off or on for the current list) and tap it without having to look at the player to figure out what mode it's on. To be honest, I have a hard time remembering what each shuffle mode means half the time...

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I agree that the naming of both the Repeat modes and Shuffle modes could do with some tidying. I asked for the Repeat modes to be more logically named a while back, but while a conversation ensued I'm not sure if it's being done. One thing I did suggest was making the descriptive text dynamic, so the word 'List' is replaced by something more suitable for the current playback mode (e.g. Repeat Current Album, Shuffle Folders, etc). That would work for Shuffle too.

My suggestion for Repeat was to adpot something like:

Play Current Song

Play Current List (or Play Current Album|Folder|Artist, etc)

Play All Lists (or Play All Albums|Folders|Artists, etc)

Repeat Current Song

Repeat Current List (or Album|Folder|Artist, etc)

Repeat All Lists (or Repeat All Albums|Folders|Artists, etc)

For Shuffle, maybe:

Shuffle OFF

Shuttle Songs (Lists|Albums|Artists|Folders in Order)

Shuffle Lists|Albums|Artists|Folders (Songs in Order)

Shuffle ALL

My biggest bugbear is still the wording "Advance List", which is rather meaningless to new users. "Play All Albums" (for example) in a Play/Repeat menu would be so much easier to understand for the exact same function.


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