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my googleplay account was hacked and used to purchase your app.Can you provide buyer identification?

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my google play account was been hacked today. i just have the time to view the email with the order and i saw the person bought your application. i have the order information.

off course, quickly i deleted my CB on googleplay/google wallet.

i wish to know if you can provide the IMEI or cellphone number of the device which have made the order and installed the application.

It is not me because my tablet is switch off since 2 weeks!

In googleplay, i just had the time to see that the person used a samsung gt-i9100 device to make the order.

As i am a android developer too, i know the application can get and store and provide the IMEI or cellphone number, so i hope you'll help me.

This people also made 4 other app purchased with my stolen googleplay account !

Best regard


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