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Hi there,

I thought that maybe another suggestion might take place. This feature request targeted to solve the same problem as in post http://forum.poweram...dpost__p__11776

Thank you for wonderful player with great sound. I listen to lossless (flac and ape) rips from cd and vinyl and found quality of sound very true. In my local home library more 1000 albums in about 500 Gb. The most of it is jazz, a lot of good old rock, some classics and blues. It's impossible to copy all my collection to my galaxy tab even if use 64 gb SD card. So, I mounted cifs and listen to the most my collection over wi-fi (thanks to wolfson DAC on SGT, etymotics ER-4 and of course Poweramp - sound very nice).

There is an issue to enjoy the music. After disconnecting local library source (shut down desctop, turn off wi-fi, whatever) Poweramp loosing all media in cifs folder except the ones it has on sdcard. It happens even cifs wasn't unmounted. For instance TTPOD keeps media from cifs even if source down or device used away, playing only media from sdcard. Rescan library take 5-8 minutes and make device unusable at the moment - nothing actually work when scan running.

I think maybe adding profiles (for instance - "Home library", "Work library", "Going Out library", etc) would be great. In such profiles add ability to choose different folder. Such profile would help to easily use the Poweramp in different situation and significantly reduce scan time.

Hope you find this reasonable.


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