Download Poweramp build-588 (or use the new 'Downloads' tab at the top of the page)
Download Poweramp HD Skins build-8

NOTE: 860xxx build under Spoiler below is for Intel based devices - it brings 2x-6x reduced CPU usage and better battery life for such devices. You can install the intel optimized version on devices with Intel inside logo. It won't work on ARM based devices. If you install this one you won't be able to install 'usual' version without full reinstall and settings loss!
Recent Changelog: 589: fixed issue with Android 6.0 @ Intel based devices (build exists for Intel devices only) 588: album art downloading update 587: rebuilt with previous Android Build Tools version to fix UI language selection (Android 4.4- 586: fixed embed covers @ Samsung S7/E 586: added link to v3.0 test build (Settings, Android4.1+/ARM-only)      585: fixed album art downloading 584: fixed couple of minor issues @ Android 6.0 583: fixed tag editing on SD card @ Android 6.0 583: fixed issue which prevented some skins from loading on Sony devices @ Android 5.0+ 582: fixed issue with seekbar @ Android 6.0 If for any reason you have problems when you install the latest build, you can re-download older versions of the Regular (ARM) Builds or the Intel Chipset Versions. Caution should always be advised when rolling back any software, just in case new settings or features may have been added which may no longer be compatible with older versions. You'll probably be fine of course, but install at your own risk.