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I have a small problem with Poweramp 2.0.5 build 488. I use TuneSync to sync playlists from my huge iTunes library. The files and playlists are copied to my Samsung Galaxy S2 running Gingerbread. I have previously had Poweramp 1.48 installed to avoid the problem I am describing in this post, but it seems silly not to ask about it if it can be fixed.

The names of all my playlists get the prefix "Imported -" before the name itself. On the older version of Poweramp this wasn't the case and it seems extremely silly to have 200+ playlists with this prefix in the names of all them (for example: instead of a playlist being named "Lana Del Rey - Born To Die" it's name is "Imported - Lana Del Rey - Born To Die".) The space to show the names in the playlist list is cramped enough on my phone without this prefix added to the name. These playlists are imported as system playlists.

So it is for this reason I write on this forum, to ask if there is something I can do to fix this. Is there something I might have overlooked? It is for this reason alone that I mostly use the older version of the player.

I can, of course, rename all of them one by one, but this is just even more silly to have to do this instead of fixing the source of the problem.

My thanks to anyone who might have a suggestion on what might be done to fix this.

Thank you in advance,

Erik Aleksander Moe

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Hi Erik,

I really don't like that the playlists were moved away from the regular playlists in the other music players. Here is what I ended up doing.

Create the playlist you want in the default music player.

Use BlueMuze to export the playlist. It saves it as a .m3u8 file on your SD card.

In the Poweramp settings where you can tell it where your music is located I only have checked my Music folder (which is on my ExternalSD card) and the BlueMuze folder on the internal SD card.

Now the playlists are called "whateverinamedtheplaylist.m3u8".

Do a Rescan.

Do not change that name to get rid of the .m3u8 or you will end up with duplicate playlists. One with the .m3u8 and one with out. It's easier to live with the .m3u8 at the end than it is the "Imported" at the begining.

My phone had all sorts of problems with Playlists and this it the only 100% way I could deal with it and I have a backup of my playlists too.

Hope it helps.

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Hello: I'm just wondering if the fix for this problem is in the works. I did not have this problem in Gingerbread, like the OP, however. The problem started in CM10 on a ROM using an MTD/yaffs2 filesystem. I suspect the filesystem is what is causing the problem.

Other details that might help troubleshooting: My music is stored on an external sdcard. I use iSyncr to sync my music from iTunes. My phone is a Samsung Infuse 4G.

I've been trying out each beta, but have not seen any improvements with this. I have not seen this problem with any other player on my phone.

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I noticed that the playlists with the "imported" prefix were folder-based (?) playlists and that below those were file based playlists without the prefix. I manually deleted the folder based playlists with the "imported" prefix (you can multiselect thankfully!) and even after several changes to the playlists and a couple of full rescans and they have not returned. Fingers crossed!

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