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There was one big reason I bought this application: FLAC support. That it's an excellent player is just a plus. There is one feature I'd like though: The ability to perform per-channel equalization. This would be great because, as with FLAC, it vastly improves the listening experience for my music.

Personally, I hear differently in either ear, in my left ear, I hear poorly in the mid/low frequency range. This is true for many people, although for me it's quite pronounced. When I listen with headphones this is particularly noticeable, and it would be great to mix either channel differently to compromise for the pair of ears I've got on my head. The current, mono equaliser is handy for compromising for the response my my headphones, perhaps the best thing would be to make it possible to switch between a mono or a stereo equalizer? The other option would be to have a 3 stage equaliser: left, right, and master.

Another good reason is that many albums are mixed with different instrumentation on either channel, and require different mixing to sound their best.

This is the only feature I'd really like, thought I'd throw it out there.



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