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Horizontal Theme Suggestion

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Hi Power AMP team:

I have some suggestion about the Horizontal display theme.

Currently the interface waste too much display space, and the album art view is not big enough as Vertical mode.

Would you please also provide another theme for Horizontal display?

I also have an idea as following:


What is more I think it is another good idea for providing separate theme for each display. (e.g. Vertical= Silver theme; Horizontal= Classic display.

Thanks for your hard work.

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I use Poweramp on tablet in car and I like current layout more. In car most of us sit on the right side so having controls on the left is a problem. Also I mostly use gestures to skip the tracks/albums. Now you have big album art zone so you can use gestures blindly, with proposed layout this zone is halved, also the track progress line is halved. And what's the gain apart from the bigger track name on the empty half of the screen?

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