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Bluetooth Sound Enhance solution?

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Hi Power AMP team:

I tried the my phone (HTC Sensation) with my Poweramp (full ver2.0.5) and play music on my car by Bluetooth.

However the sound quality is not good as earphone and easy to have distortion.

My environment:

[Player] HTC Sensation with android 4.0.3+ Poweramp

[stereo] Lexus Mark Levinson Surround System with 15 speakers


  1. The music quality is not the same as earphone
  2. The EQ/SRS adjustment is easy to cause distortion
  3. “BEATs” functions could not work with Bluetooth
  4. The “Limit” button could reduce the chance for distortion, but the music quality would have huge sacrifice.

I know that there would be some detail less about A2DP transmission, but some competitor (e.g. neutron music player) has better performance in the Bluetooth play area due to their optimization.

I would very happy if any solutions.

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Well Poweramp does change the music you listen to a whole lot when you listen to it from your headphones but here is what happens. Headphones can handle a whole lot more information than wireless can (why WiFi can never be as fast as wired internet).


1) That's inevitable

2) Yeah, because of the first point... it puts out too much information for bluetooth to handle. The only think you can do is turn up your bluetooth's settings to max (bass, treble) then put Poweramp to flat. When you put too much information out for bluetooth, it'll cost distortion.

3)Beats won't work because it puts out way too much information for bluetooth to transfer

4) The limit button, in my opinion, is probable the only way you can go about listening to music wirelessly. I use it always even with headphones (beats by dre studio), and think it makes my music not too high on bass or treble. All it does is make the high and low limited to what really sounds good and clean on headphones/speakers/bluetooth devices.

with that all said, we will try to make a pre-set in the equalizer drop down for bluetooth or something to optimize playback over bluetooth. I'll talk to the developer.

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