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Extended Tags: 'publisher' 'composer' 'copyright' etc


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I requested this feature to Max in an email and he already stated that this is planned (in some way) for Poweramp.

Basically I requested if Poweramp's Info window would add, as permanent tag fields, some extended tags namely just the following first:

-Publisher - shows record label, company or organization, was added to id3 v2 spec, also used in wma tags, flac/ogg and aac tags

-Composer - who wrote the original song, even HTC sense music player supports this tag

-Copyright - legal creators of the track/song

-Disc Number - of course for tracks on double-disc albums, even HTC sense music player supports this tag too

There are many other extended tags that exist and that users, unassumingly, would discover in their tracks. For the many more extended tags Poweramp's 'Info' window could either display them all if in the track/(s) (downwards scroll) or otherwise incoroporate a tabbed interface within the window to display the rest.



You see above, I recommend any Windows users to try and play with a freeware app called mp3tag (www.mp3tag.de/en/) for which you can customize mp3tag's interface to always display and edit these tags (I don't work for mp3tag I'm just a fanboy).

I also suggested that the 'Info' window should be scrollable and that's scrollable downwards not sideways so that long text remains word-wrapped sideways within the size of the 'Info' window.

Many online purchase-music stores tag their tracks with these information and it's lovely to have a player that can display this information.

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Also Max,

In addition to this request:

1. Please add customizable tag fields - as in instead of this COMPOSER=Composer user could completely change the tag field display name to something wacky like this COMPOSER=COmPyzz so the latter example of "COmPyzz" would display as the tag field name as the 'Composer' entry. Both foobar2000 and mp3tag support this same tag-field-display custom naming (first mp3tag screenshot above) :D .

2. Additionally the ability to reorder the tag fields in the Info window (e.g. which tag field displays at the top first) just like how foobar2000 can do this (in foobar2000's Preferences>advanced>display>properties dialog>standard fields), see this topic on foobar's forum for what I mean. Not an important feature but still a feature to consider for future. May require Info window to have it's own settings space to do this.

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Hey Max

Can I just ask, to make sure about this, whether I'll be able to use these extra tags to filter and search the library view? For me this is the only thing missing in this player. I've always used the composer fields to keep together albums with lots of different artists (such as mix albums mixed by a particular DJ, a g).

It would be great to be able to choose to add composer alongside artist, album and the other library sort fields, as you can in Sense and iOS.

Thanks again!


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