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Improve quality of the album art displayed in the Player screen


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More often than not there are noticeable resizing artifacts on the album art displayed in the Player screen. It'd be nice if it had a smoother, "properly resized" look.

Other than that, I'm absolutely loving Poweramp!

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I second this. As the screen sizes and resolution increases on these new phones, a lof of times, the image quality of the album art pulled by Poweramp is sub-par at best. Many of them are low res images, let alone HD quality images. If I may suggest, do something similar with PlayerPro, where we can choose album arts based on resolution and file size. Also, it will be much better if our choices are not limited to only 6 results per search, since sometimes, those are not even sufficient.

To be honest, I am too fond with how version 2 deals with album art. I still like how version 1 handled it. I understand you wish to make those album arts look bigger and cooler. However, almost all album arts don't fit the space provided properly and ends up getting cropped. And to fill the space requires zooming, which further distorts image quality, especially if they are not HD. And my biggest issue with version 2, is those colorful replication of the edges of the album art to cover the background behind the album art. I cannot stand that since most of the time the colors look horrible.

Please, if it is a task to somehow pull HD quality artworks, then at least provide the options of disabling those colorful backgrounds, or maybe even include the original version 1 skin as part of the theme selections.

One suggestion, why not somewhat mimic what pandora does and just have a reflection of the album art at the bottom. There are many better ways of dealing with the album art than zooming them or having bands of distorted colors to fill the background. Thanks.


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