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equ bluetooth car radio + Poweramp

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Hi to all!

i am using Poweramp via bluetooth with my car stereo sony.

all ok but the sound don't convince me.

in Poweramp with my in ear sennheizer i usually use "full bass and treble" and i love it. (some times I adjust bass regulation with the big "weel" in settings)

The radio has got a 7 equ lines

band 1 63 hz

band 2 160 hz

band 3 400 hz

band4 1 khz

band 5 2.5 khz

band 6 6.3 khz

band 7 16 khz

and i can't find a way to make the radio sound good.

some times has too much loud and some times too much bass at high volume and seems like everything explode.

i try also the "xplod" preset equ but it's not good.

how can i set every band (from -6 to +6 is the value each) to have a good sound leaving full bass and treble in Poweramp???

i have another bluetooth radio with only 3 regulation bass/middle/treble and it's really simple to have good sound in that car:

i usually put 2 points for bass 4 points for middle and 6 point for high and works fine!!!

do you think i have to turn off the equ in Poweramp?

I am really confused!


really thanks!!

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What kind of speakers do you have? quality once or stock? and are the stock quality. I know in my Honda Accord the speakers are crappy so I have to turn off the bass in poweramp and use the bass in the cars setting... also bluetooth degrades sound quality sometimes, so bass doesn't fly too well when using that method.

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