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External .LRC file


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I just buy Poweramp (v2.0.5-build-488 Full Version). It is a great app, thanks!

I know Poweramp able to handle lyric from TAG or via MusiXmatch plugin. However, I have a lot of lyrics which are saved in external .lrc files, which cannot be read from Poweramp.

Will Poweramp handle external .lrc file in future?

Thank you very much.

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For lyrics is better "Lyrics Dog" than "MusiXmatch plugin" because that first search, download and save lyrics into tags which can be reads in Poweramp.

In my opinion that function have to be exists in Poweramp as default.

All The Best.


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Also, I mean Poweramp has to have some search options for lyrics, because some people use lyric files that have the same name as the audio files, only extension is .lrc or .txt, whereas my audio files have lyrics with

%artist% - %title%.(lrc|txt)

and are located in the same folder (that's what I get through foobar2000 + foo_uie_lyrics3 or MiniLyrics)

But my audio files are usually named

%artist% - %album% - [%disc% - ] - %track% - %title%.ogg

So, in this case the search is based on audio tags instead of the file name.

Not to mention that some people embed their lyrics in an audio tag in the file.

So, what does Poweramp provide on lyrics? I need to decide if it fits my needs before I buy it.

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