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Headset button functions

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Is it possible to add a setting which would let you choose how the Poweramp reacts to the headset button? For example, I would like a long-press on the headset button to skip the folder and play the next one - it would be very comfortable. Or may be it could be implemented via a long-press on the phone's "volume up/down" buttons?

What I wanted to say - folder skipping with phone's or headset's buttons is a must have feature. Thank you in advance.

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There are plenty of Android apps around which might help if the in-built function in the Poweramp menu doesn't do what you want - such as Headset Button Controller.

It also depends on your phone, you can sometimes edit simple functions directly using the keymapping file (I did it on my Samsung Galaxy S3 for example, to make the vol up/down headset buttons function as track fwd/back buttons instead, and so double-clicking then gives prev/next folder)


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