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Is Poweramp playback of FLAC & ALAC files a compressed sound?

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Hello, I am trying out the Poweramp player with my Acer tablet (A200) with Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS (4.0.3) prior to purchase. It looks excellent so far.

First question: when using Poweramp to playback music files that are in FLAC or ALAC (i.e., uncompressed), does Poweramp compress the sound for playback? The reason I ask is I see the new Android native music player, Google Play Music, will play FLAC files but in doing so will take these unompressed, highest quality files, and compress the sound down to a 320 bit rate or lower. Would like to know if your Poweramp does the same thing.

Second question: I had trouble with Google Play Music recognizing and playing about 50GB of music on a 64GB USB flash drive. Poweramp, so far, seems to work well witth my usb flash drive. I've tried disconnecting the drive, then it's music does not appear in the Poweramp library. When I re-connect the usb drive, then Poweramp will scan it again and then I can see and play its music. Is there anything extra I need to do when disconnecting and reconnecting this flash drive, such as clear data or clear cache?


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