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Grid view - Newly added albums are not in correct order .


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Poweramp 2.0.5 Build 488

HTC Desire

Android 2.2.2

When I copy a new album(s) by for example Queen to an existing folder on my Desire SD card /music/Queen already containing Queen Albums. If I then I go to the folder view the new Queen album(s) are at the start of the grid view not appearing correctly with existing Queen albums.

List options are Folders by path View as grid.

A rescan or full rescan does not correct his. The only way I can get the new Queen Albums to correctly sequence with the existing ones is to go To Manage Applications , Power Amp, Force Stop, Clear Data.

Power Amp then reinitialises ( I have to then set all my personalisation up again agggggh!) and All the Queen Albums are now grouped together in the correct place on the Grid view.

Strange ..... I wish I could remember exactly when this started happening (Build 488???) and am mystified why a full folder scan won’t fix the issue.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as it used to work and I'm not sure what has happened. The only thing I can think of is that SD card is getting quite full. Would this cause this ?

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