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Idea + Headset problem + OpenWatch request


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Hi !

Your problem is amazing, I am using it since two months, but I tried Music Pro Player, and you miss some great features from it (and it miss from feature from Poweramp ;)).

Poweramp has really a cool design, the folder system is perfect, but I miss some feature :

(1) The lyrics system is so cool ! Any hope for a tag system for the web?

Also, can't you add a button on the player to directly access to the lyrics?

(2) I've got a MBW-150 and I don't know if you know OpenWatch, but I have to way to control my songs with my watch.

Also, I don't recieve the title and artist songs on my watch.

The only thing that works is the volume control.

(3) On my HTC Desire HD, the headset control doesnt' work on Poweramp (even with settings are OK)

Anyway, your player is simply AMAZING ! Hope you can improve it ;)

Thank you !!



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Thanks for the feedback.

1. better lyrics support is planned (see here for details: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=172)

2. PowerAMP can be controlled by any device (headsets/BT) which sends MEDIA_BUTTON intents - i.e. this is handled on lower level in Android OS. If Android OS supports/recognizes the devices, then it will be also handled by PowerAMP (as headset).

3. on Desire (non HD) it works ok (it's one of the my phones), Desire HD probably has own specifics. You may try to switch to Double/Triple presses in PowerAMP settings/Headset Options - this may help.

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regarding Openwatch, you are right that we can control Poweramp as we can do via headset, but Openwatch has some other useful features, like displaying the actual song's details.

There is an API for openwatch so basically you could push some information about the songs we start to listen.

Can you please give look into it? In case you don't know openwatch, here is a link: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=554551

thank you in advance!

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I've just purchased this amazing player. I use it nearly every day with my Galaxy S :)

I wan't to buy a Sony Ericsson bluetooth watch in the near future (from the older MBW series) so i hope you could do something about integration with OpenWatch which already supports a massive amount of applications. You can send Android intents to OpenWatch for text display requests, see the API: http://www.smartmadsoft.com/forum/index ... &topic=151 I think this will do the job for track displays (Meridian is using this API for example) but maybe you could cooperate with smartmadsoft to do a more tighter integration (OpenWatch already has some support for Poweramp using media button emulation).

I hope to see this feature in the app soon :)

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Any chance for this function to get implemented?

I got the watch now. At least a public API for Poweramp would be nice, so other apps could controll it and listen to track change events through Intents. I think i could write a little glue app then to send data from Poweramp to OpenWatch and vica-versa.

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There will be some a bit more open PowerAMP API (intents, notifications) available for 3rd party apps like this in one of the next minor PowerAMP updates, that will certainly allow better integration with various apps like this.


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