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High Pass, Low Pass & Band Pass Filters


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Ideally I'd like to have the option to use use the Bass and Treble controls as frequency selectable High Pass and Low Pass filters, at some preset or even selectable slope of attenuation 12dB, 18dB, or 24dB/octave. Depending on how the DSP is coded and processed on a specific device, filters have several advantages over Tone Controls or an Equalizer:

· potential power savings with minimal impact on bass

· lower signal processing/power demand then EQ or Tone Controls

· only way to effectively attenuate over-modulation distortion

· DC offset protection

· driver over-modulation protection

· adjustable attenuation of alias artifacts in poor source material

· improve intelligibility of news, pod-casts, talking books

· improve intelligibility for all audio sources for the hearing impaired people

· adjustable noise reduction

· exclusive DSP not offered on any other media player

Filters are easier for most Users to adjust for desirable results, easier to code then Tone or EQ filters, and technically there's no reason they couldn't be used in conjunction with the Equalizer for better performance -- though I personally don't regard that as necessary for the value of the feature to be full realized.


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