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Resampling query

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Hi All,

I have recently gone Android Auto in my car. I got Poweramp on my phone (Pixel 7 Pro) and play via USB.

I am trying to build up my understanding. I keep hearing how Android resamples songs? Is this an issue iwth Poweramp?

My songs are MP3s that are at 320kbps (some below). Is this an issue?


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Resampling has nothing to do with 320kps or other bitrates (that's just how many bits of storage data are used to encode of every second of audio - the lower the number of bits per second for any given format, the less faithful the result. This can also be a Variable figure (VBR) in which case the harder parts of the music will have been encoded using more data bits than the easy parts.

What resampling does is convert the source file's audio sampling frequency to match with the output device's frequency. e.g. an audio file might be 44.1kHz for content ripped from CDs, 48kHz for some other sources such as DVD, and 96, 192 or even 384kHz for high-res sources. However the actual Output device (in this case your AA headunit) may be stuck at a set rate, or it may have different options of its own. Android Bluetooth (which is often used for Android Auto USB connections) tends to be 48kHz or 44.1kHz, but sometimes that's adjustable for high-spec devices. You ideally need to choose an output frequency from whatever your device supports in order to match with the highest (or most common) frequency of your collection of audio files.

You can use Settings=>Audio=>Audio info (which is also available by long-pressing on the metadata line at the bottom of the Player Screen) to see the whole path from source to output.


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