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Missing Artist/Band Names

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All my albums/cds have "Albums" as the artist instead of the band/musician i.e. Beatles, Bob Dylan...

I am pretty sure they had the correct artist name when I first added these albums to my devices.

It is the same problem on my Android A50S phone and my Galaxy Tab A7.

I have another folder (on both devices) with Guitar Songs - the artist/bands are correctly listed/tagged.

Both Folders are in my one Master Folder where Poweramp is directed to find music.

See Images

Please advise
Thank you

Poweramp 2.jpg


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That looks like the Folders Hierarchy view, not any of the Album views. In either of the folders views, the information shown under each folder name is its parent folder from the directory tree. As folders are not necessarily albums (they could be named anything, and contain anything) they do not have album names, nor any other metadata 'tag' information.

When you drill down to the actual songs level though, each individual song is shown with its Title and Artist/Album tag details - unless you have requested filenames be displayed in place of Titles, which can be configured in Settings=>Library=>Lists. 


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