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shuffle resets itself when connecting bluetooth

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Hi, when I connect Bluetooth devices (cars, headsets, etc), the shuffle resets itself. Before this behavior changed, the shuffle and repeat options remained the same after reconnecting. Exemple, if the option is set to "category only" and "next list" after reconnection, they options will be set to "repeat" and no shuffle.

I'm on One Ui 6.1 and android 14


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thank you, unfortunately with latest beta build 981 it did not prevent the shuffle reset on Bluetooth connection. 

I tried both the ignore timer and the ignore switch. seems like the undesired command happens before the ignore timer delay command... if this makes sense 

here are the last command log, if this can help


20:39:21.215 PlayerService onRoutingChanged
newDevice=bt oldDevice=speaker
20:39:21.215 PlayerService reloadPipeline
 allowPlaying=true forceResume=false state after reload=2
20:39:22.090 PSMediaSessionHelper.Callback onSetShuffleMode
shuffleMode=0 com.android.bluetooth

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