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Sound form Poweramp EQ doesn't match Poweramp Player or APO Equalizer

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I use an APO equalizer (PC) with a parametric equalizer to compensate for my hearing loss in one ear. Using the same filters and the same parameters in the Poweramp player, I get the same result. When using Poweramp EQ with Samsung Player, Youtube or Spotify, the sound is completely different from APO or Poweramp player. It's distorted and sounds weird. I use Poweramp EQ and the Poweramp player with default settings.

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The PA-EQ app merely passes parameters on to Android, and Android's existing internal code handles the actual audio processing. It acts more as a front-end control panel rather than a DSP in its own right.

The equalizer controls in the Poweramp Music Player app are internal though, and Poweramp does all the processing and DSP work within its own code.

So yes, they probably won't sound exactly the same. Not the same as other apps or PC programs.


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