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[Streaming playlists] Display of embed cover

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I have tagged all my mp3 with their respective cover art inside (So there are no additional file)

They display fine when the audio files are in the folders of my phone.

But when I create a m3u playlist with the same files on my own remote servor, it does not display the embeded covers anymore...

On PA, I can listen to the remote music with a black generic PA cover... It's not so fun.

On my PC with several players and the same playlist , I can see the covers...

So is there a way to display these covers or is it a bug or a feature to implement in the future.






m3u structure :





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Poweramp does not directly support playing audio from remote locations, such as NAS file servers. While it is possible to use CIFS/SMB managers to allow PA to see externally stored folders, full functionality is not guaranteed as the metadata is not always so simple to scan.

There is an existing Feature Request for native support of reading SMB/NAS/etc directories, but the support for meta content may be fairly limited due to access speed restrictions:


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