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Kindle fire max11 problem

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I have been a user of Poweramp for a few years using a kindle fire 8HD  with no issues at all. I have purchased a newer fire max 11 with the hope of continuing to use the same music player but every time I open the player it vanishes from the screen, it's still open if I look at open apps but will vanish from the screen each time I try to display it on the screen again. Is there anything like this happened to anyone else or is it the newer version of the fire tablet incompatible.

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I have been using the apk version rather than the play store version. I've uninstalled the newest version and tried a couple of the older ones, all are the same, I open the program and it closes on the display but is still active in the background. Being an android based device you can press the square button and it shows all open and running programs. 

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