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Poweramp doesn't correctly read DISC field in APEv2 tags

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Poweramp doesn't seem to correctly read the DISC field in any format which uses APEv2 (WavPack, Musepack, etc) and will report the disc number as 1 no matter what number is actually entered in the field.

It should be easy to reproduce by converting a flac to a musepack or wavepack in Foobar2000.

The only workaround is to brute force a DISCNUMBER field, although DISC seems to be correct fieldname at least going by this table:  https://picard-docs.musicbrainz.org/downloads/MusicBrainz_Picard_Tag_Map.html


On a related note: entering total tracks into a DISC, Track or Discnumber field by using a slash also breaks the reading of the tags. For example 14/14 to specify track 14 of 14 total tracks.

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The key referenced in any docs can find for APEv2 (it's a very niche system - as is WavPack of course) is to use the 'Disc' name, although there doesn't seem to be much around by way of an official list of valid keys. I don't have anything with genuine APE tags to try it on though, might convert something and give it a try though.


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