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Poweramp doesn't start playing music automatically after car startup on Android Head Unit

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I have a small issue with Poweramp where it doesn't start playing music when I start my car.

I have Poweramp installed on an Idoing Android 12.0 Head unit that is installed in the car.

I have checked the settings in Poweramp and Andriod but can't find anything that will make it start playing music automatically. Any thoughts on how to resolve this?

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Have a look in PA Settings=>Audio=>Audio Focus and enable the Resume on Start option.

This will only work if your headunit is shutting down after use, and then restarting when you start the car. If it is merely blanking the screen, but leaving Android running in a powered sleep state (with the Poweramp app still current) then that won't count as a new app launch. You could also try the Resume on Reopen option, but again that assumes the app is being re-opened from the Android Launcher, rather than just waking the device up from a sleep state (just like waking up a phone screen).

Otherwise perhaps there is something in the headunit's settings that can trigger an action when the ignition is turned on?


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