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Best value of any purchase ever!

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Hey, everyone. First post here, but I'm no stranger to Poweramp, and this forum has provided answers to questions about features before I even had to ask. Anyway, I was messing around with accent colors and gradients, courtesy of the Melodi dark skin for Poweramp, and I suddenly had what can only be called an epiphany. Poweramp, without a doubt, has given me the most value of anything I've ever purchased in my half a century of being alive. I mean, it's not even close. There are no runners-up. Let me explain.

I purchased the license key for Poweramp a really long time ago. 10 years, give or take less than a year. There have been two major design changes that I can clearly remember, and a third which I'm pretty sure happened, but that I just don't remember as well. I'll be embarrassed if someone points out that it was actually four, but it probably won't be the last time lol.

Over the past decade, it isn't an exaggeration when I say that Poweramp has been playing, either in the foreground or in the background on every one of my devices, for literally thousands upon thousands of hours. I'd say that I've easily surpassed 10,000 listening hours- across a dozen different devices- and there's little doubt that I've forgotten a couple along the way.

Poweramp has never once failed to do exactly what I expected it to do, and I've never once had to reach out because of a technical problem. In fact, I don't ever recall Poweramp even pulling an ANR on occasion. It installed smoothly on all of those devices, along with the license key, and while I do realize that it doesn't have any moving parts to wear out, that's also part of its value. I think I paid maybe three bucks for it, and Max not only rolls out regular updates, but even major design changes. I mean for three bucks, I'd have been happy if it was just some old, deprecated thing gathering metaphorical cobwebs on GitHub. Poweramp offers about half again the amount of features I actually use, and even though I have a pretty firm grasp on what most of them do, there's still a few that I just don't have a clue about. Poweramp is to Android, what Musicbee is to Windows, with Poweramp being the better dresser and Musicbee having more tagging/renaming features. They do play nice together when synchronizing their libraries, however. Between the features and skins like Melodi Dark, I've never gotten bored with Poweramp, and fully expect that I'll get another decade's worth or more of use out of it. Speaking of Melodi, I have to give a shout out to JXDesigns- I don't know if that's a one-man show, or the work of many, but the skins are gorgeous, and I get a kick out of knowing I found my favorite theming for Poweramp so many years later.




So, yeah. A decade ago, I would never have guessed that the app I was purchasing then, would be the first install on ANY new Android device from that point forward, and become the standard by which I measure all other apps. There are a few paid root apps I still use on occasion, like SD Maid, Titanium Backup, and TWRP, but they've been hobbled somewhat by iron-clad bootloaders, A/B partitioning and SELinux, and rendered nearly obsolete by Magisk, Xposed/Edsposed/LSPosed lol.

Poweramp has retained its lustre and still shines like a gem!

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