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Battery life issue


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Ok, first of all, I should admit that I'm a completely noob when it comes to Android and indeed smart phones in general. But I was hoping someone wouldn't mind giving me advice as to whether my full version of Poweramp could be somehow affecting the rate of battery drain. Here's the story in a nutshell:

Just bought a Samsung Galaxy S2 about three weeks ago. Everything was going swell with the battery life of the phone--I could usually get 2 to 2.5 days out of it, because I use it sparingly and keep Wi-Fi and GPS off when not using it.

So, I charged the phone up to full last night, took it out of its socket at 11 pm, put it on my desk, don't do anything with it. Wake up this morning around 9 am and it doesn't turn on. Over the night, it drained all 100% of the battery without doing anything. In the past, over the night it would lose only 5-7% or so. I checked the usage analysis to see what was guilty of using the battery, and it was Android OS with 86% of the usage. In a way, this makes sense as what else could have drained the phone? But why would it all of a sudden consume 100% of the battery over night while the phone was more or less idle?

Of course, the question to ask here is always "What changed on the phone? Did I buy any new apps or change any settings?" Well, I did spend $5 on the non-trial version of Poweramp yesterday and also had to check the box, "run non-Market apps." It is possible that the Poweramp app (or "patch," I don't know what to call it) that allows the trial version to run in the the full version could be messing up the power consumption somehow or causing the Android OS to consume lots of power?

In the coming days, of course, I'll keep an eye on how things develop and whether battery life is similarly poor and maybe try to temporarily uninstall Poweramp as an experiment, but I wanted to ask whether the Poweramp full version could theoretically be guilty, because otherwise I have no idea what could be causing the drain as nothing else changed app- or settings-wise on my phone. Thanks for reading.

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I'm currently using the registered version of Poweramp on my Galaxy Tab and Nexus with no negative impact on battery life. I did secure my unlock app from the Google Market Place, but, I wouldn't think that would make a difference.

You may want to explore the options / settings within Poweramp, especially those relating to album art. If you have alot of music, especially music with missing album art, make sure you have the option to update over wifi only. Otherwide, PwerAmp will try and update missing album art for you.

FYI, if this is the case and you uninstall and reinstall the app, the process will start over again and it will appear as if nothing has changed.

I hope this helps.

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Thanks for your response. It's definitely not the album art, as all of it has already been uploaded, and anyway I do have the box checked for only updating album art over wi-fi (which wasn't activated).

The good news is that my battery life today seemed to be as it was before, so there's nothing fundamentally broken with the OS or mechanically with the battery. I haven't opened Poweramp today, but I will do so later tonight and will closer monitor how my battery usage curve changes (if at all) in a better effort to determine what exactly started voraciously eating away my battery life.

If it does indeed turn out to be somehow linked to the Poweramp process, I will post again to let you and other interested parties know.

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