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Up / Down Button Volume Control

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In addition to the volume knob that currently exists on the Volume And Tweaks section, can Up / Down buttons be added to increase or decrease the volume?

Adjusting the volume with the volume knob is difficult when a person is trying to slightly adjust the volume. The slightest touch to the volume knob increases or decreases the volume by a large amount.

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I always find it easier to use the phone's hardware buttons. I have my phone set to use 150 increments, which is fine enough control for me.

Or if you want a specific value, long-press on the label beneath the control in the EQ screen and enter the number you want.


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I would just add that there remain some (specificity needed) knobs throughout Poweramp's settings that do not have any kind of "long-press to edit" manual entry. Not that these settings are going to be changed frequently. SoX resampler cutoff frequency for example, does not have any manual edit, only knob. Though Audio-> Equalizer-> Tone knobs do have manual edit.

SoX resampler might be the only one that doesn't have it, can anyone find any others? (Consistency across the app would just be nice, minor as it is)

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