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Youtube Music EQ local files

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I recently bought a Xiaomi 14 and Poweramp EQ (latest version) works fine so far but I have one strange problem though.

If I am trying to play files from my local music library with Youtube Music it completely ignores EQ settings and Volume Control also doesnt work (plays always at highest volume). DVC or player detection does not make any difference (it detects Youtube Music correctly though). I have no issues at all when using Youtube, Youtube Music streaming or the systems music player (both, player detection and DVC with BT headphones and internal speakers).

Does anyone else faced this kind of problem too? Any suggestions?


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So playing local files in other audio players works fine, and streaming audio via YouTube Music also works fine, and in both circumstances the PA-EQ app correctly adjusts the audio.

However if you use the same YouTube Music app to play a local file from your device (using YT Music>Library>Device Files) the problems occur. Disabling DVC does not make a difference, and it happens with all output devices (BT headphones, phone speaker, etc).

Seems a very oddly specific issue - @maxmp, any ideas?


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