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Sync music files between PC library and Android device

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When the number of songs is small, any method doesn't matter.

1. However, the storage space of the device is getting bigger and bigger.
2. You can save a lot of files accordingly.
3. Having many files means that library management, such as consistent tag organization, is necessary.

There are several programs that perform tag management or synchronization.
foobar2000, mp3tag, musicbee, mediamonkey

Using MTP is absolutely terrible, so wi-fi sync is the best option for now.

Which program do you prefer to detect files with changed tags and sync them seamlessly to files on your device?

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If all you want to do is sync a master folder on your phone to a similar LAN-based folder (using SMB share, FTP, etc) something like FolderSync will do the job nicely. It doesn't care about file content (tags, etc) but relies on changes to the files' last modified date and/or size.


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