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Automatically play song when there's nothing playing when "List item Click Action" is set to "Enqueue and stay in the list"

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I've seen this in GoneMad and it doesn't seem too difficult or time-consuming to implement. Would that be possible?

Up until now I've been adding things to queue and then had to do 2 extra actions - skip to next song and press play.

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Personally I've always felt the Settings=>Library=>Queue=>'Start Playing Queue: Immediately' option should do as you ask. So if enabled, any action which adds something to the Queue should immediately commence playback of the queue, even if playback is currently stopped. It just seems logical to me, given the wording of the setting.

Another related thing which would make more sense to me would be if the 'List Item Click Action' choice was applied when clicking on the 'Play' or 'Shuffle' icons in lists too. Thus if the user has chosen to 'Play and go to Main UI', then clicking on the 'Play' or 'Shuffle' icons should (a) start playback and (b) also go to the Player Screen as requested. [Note to @maxmp - that menu wording should probably now say "Player Screen" rather than of "Main UI" in order to fit with new overall consistency]


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