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Use of the native back button in Android ("<") seems inconsistent

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I wanted to make a suggestion for this but it seems I can only upvote existing options, not create new ones.

Here is my concern.


I'm not sure if that matters but, for context, I usually navigate my music using my own folder structure (which the app allows).

While browsing folders, I can use a button at the top of the interface to go to the parent folder. I can also use the native Android "back" button represented by some sort of "<" symbol. The use of that symbol is pleasant because it's generally where my thumbs are when browsing.

My problem is when I am currently on a song itself. In that specific case, the action on the "<" button changes, and it basically minimizes the app (which is exactly what the home button "□" already does). In order to do what I expect, I should tap the song illustratiion (which feels counter intuitive as I expect that instead to give me actions on the song, or song file).

From my perspective, the "<" button should always send me back to the parent folder (or otherwise previous folder), while the "□" button should always minimize the app.

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There is already a voting item for this request:

In the meantime, you may find that enabling Settings=>Look and Feel=>Start at Library goes part of the way to solving your problem. There will of course always be some 'top' level where the Back buttons exits the app back to the Home screen, as that is standard Android behaviour. Some apps provide a warning prompt before exiting, but as PA remains functional in the background and can be restarted with a tap anyway, it doesn't really seem necessary in this case.


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