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Is there 5.1 audio support?

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Well I ask this question since I have noticed that when playing specific files with the Codecs (Dolby Digital, Dolby Atmos and xHE-AAC) there is a loss of information to be specific channels, I want to assume that Poweramp converts the information to a 2-channel PCM which leads to losing said information about the other channels since playing the direct file from Samsung Music all the information remains intact when being direct (my question is if the output is a 2-channel PCM, would there be a way to change this for said files and use a PCM of 5.1?) 

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No, Poweramp's internal processing is handled as 32/64 bit stereo PCM, so any input files need to be converted to that when they are read. This is done using FFMPEG's down-conversion logic.

Also, as Poweramp is an app designed for use on Android phones and tablets, there are very few devices that could actually handle and output 6-channels of PCM audio anyway.


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