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Blanks in m3u: Files not found

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I've downloaded several m3u playlists for BBC radio plays from the Internet Archive. With most of them Poweramp tells me it cannot find the files. One worked. I checked what was the difference. The ones that DID work listed only URLs with filenames that did not contain any blanks/spaces. All the other ones did NOT work because they had file names with blanks/spaces in between the words. Obviously, Poweramp cuts the URL before the first blank and so does not recognize the file's location. 

I've had the same problem with AIMP. Funnily, VLC doesn't seem to have this problem. 

There is probably the workaround to replace all the blanks in the m3u with %20, but I find this a very uncool solution. And if the guys with VLC have found a solution, why not here, where I'd have a much more pleasant interface?

Thanks and regards, Lorenz

PS: I attach one of the m3u playlists that does NOT work.


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URLs should never contain spaces, as they can also be used as delimiters between items. Whitespace should always be escaped using %20 encoding. See https://www.w3schools.com/tags/ref_urlencode.ASP#:~:text=URLs cannot contain spaces.

However some programs do automatically convert whitespaces in URL strings into valid %20 characters for sending over the internet (which is how they should have been written in the first place) but Poweramp currently does not do that, so the URL fails. I'll move this thread to Feature Requests for you. For now, just do a batch search & replace for whitespace to %20.


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